Wise words about UE :<blockquote>

But here is the thing you will learn from really using an OS X Macintosh, and must somehow accept on faith if that’s what it takes to get you to Switch: Apple makes design decisions based on a sincere desire to make your life better. Maybe they always did, but they’ve gotten better at it. OS X is not just less-bad than Windows, it’s Good. Yes, Apple also have sleazy marketing weasels, and the salesdrone at the Apple Store in your mall may be the same woeful grade of maladjusted cretin as the one at Best Buy that tries to sell you $49 monster cables for a $59 VCR, but somewhere in California, in the back corner of some office building where they’re deciding what should appear on the screen when you click the next button, somebody is asking themselves not only what could appear on the screen that corresponds vaguely with what you nervously hoped you hit the right button to make appear, but what could jump a couple steps forward and startle and delight you.</blockquote>