Got myself a new computer now. The old one was getting pretty old (2 years old almost exactly) and sloooooowwww and not enough disk space. I was actually at the point where I had to build mozilla on the other computer because I didn’t have enough space. Now I’ve got 60 GB of space, and a nice new faster 1 GHz processor and some other nifty unexpected benefits like more pixels on the screen (although the size didn’t change) and some other stuff. I think the battery lasts longer.

Anyway in the last day I’ve been dealing with the usual environment having to get my environment installed properly again. Camino needs glib which I didn’t have installed from fink and it wasn’t on the list, so I wasted a day building camino and then trying to get it to recognize that I had actually installed glib. I wound up deleting the configure output files by hand because the new doesn’t seem to clean them automatically.

And stuff.