Today I have a new movie of the World Cycling Championship up on the site. It was shot this afternoon and edited this evening in iMovie. My camera is a Sony TRV22. Here’s the blurb that I wrote up for the page, and you can go straight there by clicking on the title of this entry. The music, I nicked from a 1983 german classic.

On October 11, 2003, the World Cycling Championships were held in Hamilton, Ontario. I went with my camera and shot some tape. Forthwith is the result after a bit of editing. What you see here is the Women’s Elite race, actually just one of many races over the three-day championship. The leading racer in the film is Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli (France), who broke away from the pack in the 8th lap of 10 total. You can see here the racers going down the Hamilton mountain and then back up again, the final climb before the end of the race where a group from the pack are catching up to Jeannie is the last shot. For those who care to know these things (I don’t really) the winner was Susanne Ljungskog (Sweden), and Jeannie came in 6th.

It wasn’t exactly intentional, but it seems that my camera managed to linger on the Canadian Lyne Bessette! I have actually a couple of close ups of her, even though I didn’t know it was her at the time. She’s wearing a light blue jersey and shorts, and has a canadian flag and the Tim Horton’s logo on her thigh. She’s also 103 by the way ;-)