Programming for symbian isn’t very sexy. J2ME? That’s sexy. But Symbian C++ is NOT sexy. First, at least in theory, you have to use Windows, and windows is NOT sexy. Two, it’s C++, and frankly, although C++ may have had some sex-appeal in the mid-90s, it’s all gone now. Three, it’s poorly documented. What documentation exists is terse and seems to have been generated from header files. It rarely explains how to use the API. So for any kind of help understanding how to do it, you have to go to the examples, which are fairly limited. Next you can try NewLC: they have articles and forums . Next you might want to try searching the Forum Nokia discussion area . And finally, be sure not to miss the newsgroups. No, they’re not archived anywhere on the web, which is a real pain. But you can access them through your favorite newsreader at . Only the NewLC postings are archived in google, which is a major hassle. There’s also a small number of web pages and even some source code floating around on the web with some useful symbian C++ info. So there is some information out there, but you really need to dig to find it.