My web counter from has just crossed 20000. Actual number, probably much higher, since digits seems to miss quite a few. While I’m at it, here are more details. I won’t bother with “hits” since it’s such a misleading number. But so far this month I’ve served about 400 pages and had about 100 visits … per day. Maybe as much as half of those are hits on my rss.xml file though. By a long shot my biggest referrer this month has been google. With 91 hits for the search string “d” ? What does that mean. Other search strings I got a few times are “expat os x” which makes sense, “iambic quadrameter” which makes less sense. “libxml mac os x” and “sdk2unix” seem reasonable.

Here’s one that’s interesting. Trivia, symbian is a british company. So, you know, those crazy brits (and canadians too) spell some words differently. So when I wrote up my solution to the symbian initialized data problem, I copy/pasted from the output and they use the spelling “initialised”. I got a few hits for “.app has initialised data” (I’m first in google for that) (I’m second for just “has initialised data” (with the quotes)).