I released semacode a few days ago. And it’s been pretty well received so far. Here’s a round up of the coverage.

Reiter’s Camera Phone Report was first out of the block. I like Alan and his weblog so I put him in the first wave of announcement emails. He emailed me back with some questions which he added to the report. And my name is in the headline :-) Next up was Smart Mobs . I emailed Howard Rheingold but he must be busy because it was posted by someone else. Howard’s been a fan from early on of the whole idea. Rafe at All About Symbian gave me a write up and posted a semacode for their site too.

The second wave had Boing Boing with a short write up. Probably most of today’s hits came from there. It’s a pretty popular site. Although I haven’t actually checked yet. Also the story was picked up by TheFeature’s Eric Lin which is cool because I like thefeature. And I didn’t directly contact them myself so that’s a good sign too. They also provided some highly accurate background info which was missing from other coverage so far. I was also contacted today by heise.de so we’ll see if something comes from them. Since my site is still operational I’m assuming there’s no /. link yet. So far AxKit is holding up just fine which is great.

A little bit more. Some linkage and commentary from MobileWhack : “Semacode is about as cool an app as I’ve come across … You can be sure I’ll be sporting the semacode equivalent of http://www.mobilewhack.com/ on the back of my scooter helmet – talk about mobile whackery.” engadget has a story also.