Finally some series 60 flip phones are coming out. Weighing in at only 95g is the panasonic x700 and the dimensions are 87 x 47 x 24 mm, 80 cc. It’s a kind of standard silvery phone and it has a small external screen which is nice. Next up we have the just-announced Nokia 6260 at a much heftier 125g. Also it’s kind of a monster for a flip phone, 102mm x 49mm x 23mm, 109cc. I’ll have to see them both in person before I can really decide if the nokia is just too big, but I’m thinking that one of these phones is a phone that I would actually buy, for my own, personal use. That’s saying a lot, since the last phone that really caught my eye (and I’m still using it) is the moto startac. All in all, it looks like the Panasonic has the advantage.