So I’ve been dealing with this Finnish company and I have this absolutely crazy problem that I can’t pronounce half of their names. I feel really bad about it but I’ve never seen a name like Yliharju and when I call their office I have to spell it out for the receptionist. So now I googled for “finnish pronounce” and found this awesome site, How to pronounce Finnish names . It soothes me by saying:<blockquote>Many Finnish names seem quite long and contain strange letters which doesn’t make figuring out how to pronounce them very easy. But now this huge problem which has bothered the greatest minds of the world for years has been finally solved :-) Just select one of the nine categories below and click on the name you want to hear and you’ll soon pronounce Finnish names perfectly! </blockquote>

I just tried it out and I think it works. I think you pronounce it “il-ee-harr-you” or anyway when I said that the receptionist seemed to understand me.