It’s not too often that there’s an interesting conference on Mobile technologies in Toronto. It’s also pricey … about $1000 for both days and $500 for one day. I’m kind of hoping that one of the two days (July 21, 22) will be clearly better than the other one, and I’ll just make a day trip out of it.

UPDATE: I think you can get free passes now. Contact me if you need a referral.

These sessions look kind of interesting: <ul><li>This is the only apps talk, too bad it is by microsoft Day 1, 12:30pm </li><li>Mobile services, by Alcatel’s Director of Mobile Operator Marketing . Hmm.. could be interesting, and the description and bio are both short and sweet compared to all the others. Alcatel is world wide, so they should have a clue. Day 1, 1:30pm </li><li>Zigbee is kind of interesting because it’s way lower power than bluetooth. Day 2 9am </li><li>James Kempf of DoCoMo on 4G day 2 1:30pm </li></ul>That’s about it for the sessions. The rest are either about WLAN or security, both subjects I could probably give a talk on myself. So ho hum. And more of the remaining sessions are geared towards enterprise systems.

Keynote(s). So far there’s only one confirmed keynote speaker, Jim Balsillie, from RIM. I’m not really pumped about that because I think I already know most of what there is to know about RIM. Also (a) there’s still three empty keynote slots and (b) the time for balsillie’s keynote is not told.

I think right now it looks like July 21 is the better day to go. I’m going to hang around and give demos of my software as well and hand out business cards, probably. Quite frankly, the Microsoft talk, while it’s not my shoe box, might be good intel. And the Alcatel talk could be interesting. Otherwise, I think this is just going to be more of a networking thing.