whee, I just unlocked my Nokia 3600 using this free nifty tool that I found using Google Groups (formerly known as USENET…). It had a SIM lock which meant that when I took my Fido SIM and stuck it in, no go I got the “SIM not valid” message. Now that’s fixed. Not that Rogers should complain since I’ve spent so much money on them. In other cell phone news, I just bought a P900 and I’m going to sell my P800 which I never used anyway. The P900 is just better for a development platform. I should actually make back a pretty substantial amount of the money I sunk into the P800 when I sell it on eBay. I hope.

The Nokia 7610 is stil the phone I use. It has all the goodies of the 6600, plus a few, and a better screen. The keypad, which I had some serious worries about, turns out to be OK. There’s a big hassle from Apple because they DON’T SUPPORT it in iSync yet, which is just … well … anyway, I had to manually copy 50 or so vCards.