I’m told that if you’re old enough (like you were older than 16 when WWII broke out) and you live in Canada, you may remember the name Willson Woodside. He was my grandfather and gave a five-minute report every evening on the news for the CBC, from Europe, about the status of the war. He died when I was I was young, and was sick for a long time before that, but this voice out of the past still has a somewhat familiar sound (and familiar mannerisms definitely). It’s an archived report on the CBC from 1950, where he analyses the Korean War. I’m happy to say that his foreshadowing of an escalation of that war failed to occur! I also just wrote an article in Wikipedia about him, and it’s incomplete, so fill in the details if you know them (or email them to me and I’ll do it). (Fast forward to time index 4:32 to hear him.)