I was dreaming about Apple again last night (which I often do, since I worked there in my capacity as a busybody). If I were in charge of apple, here's what I would do.

  • their core business is selling computers. the main competition to computers is smartphones but apple is safe because smartphones have small screens. until roll-up large screens are made, apple is safe.
  • they pick small markets with low-hanging fruit. Easy pickings. what's next? a video camera is next. the video cameras on the market suck. apple already has experience with optics from the iSight. they'll make a video camera
  • they lose tons of money on Mac OS X. they spend upwards of $100 mil a year on it, but make almost none of it back. instead they make money from the computers. OS X is a loss leader.
  • they aren't doing squat with weblogs. that needs to change.
  • they will not make a cell phone. cell phones are fine, there's lots of good cellphones already on the market