Here’s some really lame copy from the iWork page

Pages includes 40 Apple-designed templates for all our customers

…someone wrote that in a hurry.

No powerbooks. Hmm… I’m going to need a new one soon.

The Mac Mini is an odd beastie. It’s like a rehash of the Cube. Which we all know was Steve’s favorite form factor ever. (see NeXT cube). Maybe they’re hoping to sell this to people who already have computers, so they’ll basically replace the PC box with the Apple box and keep the same monitor that they already have. Will that work? I don’t see people buying this new with a monitor and keyboard from Apple. I don’t see them buying it new with a monitor and keyboard from other people either. Maybe it’s supposed to be an upsell.

Oh yeah, and one more thing. iWork’s Pages is the most interested of the announcements to me. I’ve been waiting a long time for a decent wordpro from apple. Will this one be it? I also really has to definitely, positively work with Word .docs.

The only problem is that there’s no spreadsheet. So for the time being, I will still need to keep Microsoft Office around. I get a lot of Excel docs in the email.