Anyone who’s been around the internet since before the web will know the name Panix well as they were one of the very first ISPs ever. Well, their domain was hijacked yesterday by means currently unknown (see ). Check the link for NANOG thread. If this was a cracker attack it indicates a very serious infrastructural problem. If it was an administrative attack it indicates a huge domain administration problem. Either way, anyone who owns a domain should be very worried, and everyone on the internet, because: <ul><li>Panix is going to go out of business if this isn’t fixed ASAP </li><li>All of Panix’s users are having their userIDs and passwords stolen as we speak </li><li>All email to Panix’s users is being intercepted as we speak </li></ul>Panix has a large and sophisticated user base, and those passwords could potentially be used to comprimise a wide range of systems. The obvious solution at the moment is technical - the DNS operators should revert the domain ASAP.