I play in the McMaster University Concert Band. I’d really like them to release the recordings they make on the web as MP3 files.

Anyway, in the meantime, I’m going to collect some MP3s here of other bands playing the numbers we’ve played (or will play).

Our most recent concert we played the following pieces.

Gavorkna Fanfare by Jack Stamp. There’s a great timpani solo in this song. The best mp3 I found for this is from the USAF Wind Ensemble : gavorkna.mp3 . They play it much faster than we did. I think this is pretty common in the US marching band tradition. They sound pretty good but I like it a bit slower.

Second Suite in F for Military Band by Gustov Holst. I played the tacet in this particular tune so I got to listen .. it’s really good. I’ve had the song of the blacksmith in my head all week. The USAF Band has a recording in their collection . MP3s from the USAF:<ul><li>March - Like the others below, this one sounds a lot like we did. We took the central section somewhat slower. Which in my opinion is better. </li><li>Song Without Words - This one is very slow and therefore challenging. There’s a crescendo near the end that’s hair raising when we played it at the last practice. I don’t think it came out quite as well in the concert but it was still good. </li><li>Song of the Blacksmith . - This song features an anvil. We played using metal ball peen hammers on a steel brake drum (Andrea Fraser). Their rendition sounds a lot like ours did, except that there’s a section played by trumpet where we sounded way better (just before the first anvil part). Also, I have a feeling we may have played a repeat that they skipped. </li><li>Fantasia on the ‘Dargason’ - This rendition is a lot lighter than ours was. Anyway, I obviously prefer ours. There’s a nifty 3/2 layering in this song (6/8 on top of 4/4). </li></ul>