Here’s some recordings I found out there on the web for our new repertoire. Unfortunately the Hannaford Overture (which I quite like, by Canadian J. Scott Irvine), and Dance Sequence (by Marco PÌ_tz) I can’t find.

Pageant (by Vincent Persichetti) - I think I’m going to like this one. I’ve got a couple of recordings for you. The first one is the Northwestern University Symphonic Ensemble and it was played on Stochastic Hit Parade with Bethany Ryker on WFMU in NYC. In real audio format, and the piece in question is from 0:00 to 7:21 so ignore everything after that. RAM link to Pageant

The other recording is from the Rhode Island College Wind Ensemble s recording: Pageant - mp3 A fine recording but it’s either cut off or only the first movement.

The Vanished Army (by Kenneth J. Alford) - Traditional sort of march. Recording is from the Austin Academy vanished Army in mp3

Armenian Dances (by Aram Khachaturian) - Coming back to Canada I found a recording by the Hart House Symphonic Band . No offense Hart House but either the recording is lousy or the band is … well, anyway, here is I. Allegro Moderato and II. Allegro Largemente both in mp3 format.