I was snooping through my logs last night and I found the following oddities. Search terms (in google): retractable claws will bring up my page on Roarians, in my ever popular (actually surprisingly...) Edion Sourcebook ; km vs miles and all the variants you can think of bring dozens a day to another part of the sourcebook ; surprisingly my nokia hs-4w review brings in a few dozen more, in fact my review is apparently the 2nd most popular page on the site at the moment.

I really ought to automate the popularity list. But anyway, the top 5 most popular pages here to date this month ... skipping the root and the weblog ...

  1. symbian/linux howto
  2. HS-4W review
  3. the sourcebook
  4. the fractal trees software page
  5. and finally, the photoshop forensics thing