Well, it’s been a long time, but I finally added categories to my blog software. You’ll notice the category browser up there at the top. Also, each entry that has a category indicated will list them at the bottom in [square brackets]. So you can for example view all my posts on the subject of Apple . Or whatever.

For a long time I was wondering how to implement this. One thing is the whole keywords vs. categories thing. Well, keywords (aka tags) are just ONE WORD whereas categories (aka key phrases) are, well, multiple words allowed.

The problem with tags, which I think you can see on flickr and del.icio.us is that sometimes one word just isn’t enough. For example now that J2ME is called “Java ME” (which is better than J2ME since I’m always like, what’s the 2 for?). But if I tag something with “java ME” then I’m going to get TWO tags.

OK, sure, you could build some kind of tag-combination system or a search interface or what have you, but none of them have, and it sounds like a bit of a tough problem. So, I’m not going to go that route.

However I do have a vaguely in mind idea that I might try to add tags or categories or WHATEVER to the whole site, maybe using RDF or at least exporting RDF or RSS or something like that. Like making the whole site semantic in some way.

Oh yeah, one more thing, entry titles are back on the title of individual entry pages, which I lost when I did the weblog upgrade a little while ago, but now I have it back. Important stuff for google searches!