Just though of looking at some interesting words in flickr. I just saw some persons blog where they were talking about the power of words. Well, I’m a person with a fairly large vocabulary. Not that I deliberately use pedantic words (like in monty python:<blockquote><pre>[customer] I was just sitting the local library reading … by Hugh Walpole when I came over all peckish [shopkeeper] Peckish sir? [c] esurient [s] eh? [c] eeoooungrylike [s] ahhh… hungry [c] precisely. And so I curtailed my walpoling activities and sallied forth to infiltrate your place of purvayance in order to negotiate the vending of some cheesy comestibles. [s] come again sir? [c] [very clearly] I want to buy some cheese. </pre></blockquote>

So anyway… I decided to search for “symbol” since I’m so interested in the visual representation of information.

All flickr images tagged with “symbol”

“logo” might be worth looking at in more detail

“symbology” anyone? (people love to complexify words…)

Hmm… not as satisfying a search as I thought it might be.