So actually the flickr badge code is pretty flexible. More than I realized before. I think It’s better than the flash thing I tried before . Here I will embed 10 random pictures from my trip to barcelona.<div></div>

You can click on them and go to the flickr page for the photo.

And here’s the code.

And here’s some more information about those options. You embed the options as URL query parameters.<ul><li>count=8 // or any other number </li><li>size={s,t,m} // square, thumbnail, mid-size </li><li>layout={v,h,x} // vertical, horizontal, none </li><li>user={#} // e.g. 20938094%40N00 for me </li><li>source={user_tag, user_set} // maybe other options </li></ul>

If you set source to user_tag then you need to specify<ul><li>tag=barcelona // or some other tag </li></ul>

If you set source to user_set then you need to give<ul><li>set={#} // e.g. 261728 for my barcelona set </li></ul>

For the CSS portion, they give you all kinds of extraneous CSS when you use the badge generator that you don’t need. Just set whatever you want for div.flickr_badge_image at a minimum.

In order to discover the exact formatting and CSS classes and everything, you can open the URL for the script in your browser, and then look at the source. here’s mine for this particular example .