The blog finally has a name. It’s CLEVER. Now when you refer to my blog, you can say, “as written on CLEVER”, or “on CLEVER (by Simon Woodside)” or if you like, “on Simon Woodside’s CLEVER blog” ;-)

I always resisted giving the blog a name before partly because I thought it was pretentious, but partly because I couldn’t detect a strong theme to base it on. Then not too long ago I realized that a blog really should have it’s own name. “So-and-so’s blog” just doesn’t cut it. So I started thinking again … anyway, I decided that at least all of the things I write about are in fact clever, even if I didn’t creat them myself.

For a list of topics, you can check out the index of tags by the way.

On another note, I also realized that this web site is almost 10 years old. Time flies. (My god… the blog is just over 5!)