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Got some band videos here. This first video is just a brief snippet of a typical practice. Up at the front there is Keith Kinder, conductor. I always call him Dr. Kinder. He’s a good conductor - he spends time not just telling us what to do, but why to do it too.

As you can tell the sound quality on the 6630 is terrible. It’s OK for recording people talking but can’t handle music at all. On the other hand this phone is now about a year old and I expect that the newer models are quite a bit better. I’ll have to get one soon I expect.<div class="floating_right">/shared/saxinc/movie.xml href=/weblog/media/2005/20051110-trombones.3gp </div>

I don’t know what that first song is, but it’s a rehearsal and we’re starting and stopping. It’s a huge band – about 100 piece. You can see in the video the three – count them – bassoons. You don’t see that very often.

This second video is a bit of some classic piece that I can’t remember the name of. I didn’t play in it anyway. So here’s an art film through the slides of a bunch of trombones. The frontmost is Joe Biro.