Welcome to ‘A bit of torrent’.

This is where I’m going to give you a link to a bittorrent file and you’re going to watch it because it’s cool. First the basics. A bittorrent file is a very small file that ‘points’to a very large file. So a little bitty file, like, say, abit.torrent can point to a huge movie or an album or whatever.

Let’s say you want to download that big movie. Well, you don’t. First you download the little torrent file. It ‘points’you a bunch of other people and collectively, peer2peer (P2P) you will all very quickly download the file. So to review. (A) Get the torrent file. (B) Use it to get the big file. (You need this software ).

Of course first you need to find the torrent file (or as they say, the ‘torrent’). Which is not so hard if you use a good torrent search site like The Pirate Bay or isoHunt . But the best part is to find obscure cool stuff, not the pop crap that everyone’s looking at but the old good stuff you can’t get on TV any more (or might not think of at least). And that’s where ‘A bit of torrent’comes in.

Each week, or actually whatever irregular interval I feel like, I’ll post a link to a torrent that I like. If you want to watch it, then you can and you don’t have to search around. I’m going to start with, and explain the name of this series with, a show called A bit of Fry and Laurie’ .

IMDB :<blockquote>Monty Python’s footballing philosophers sketch is a good example of the painful varsity guff that has been a part of British TV and radio right up until today’s ‘League of Gentlemen’. It isn’t what Fry and Laurie do at all. They plough a completely original furrow of snatched conversation, admass and inane banter that forms an impressionistic picture of the most baffling and frustrating ‘bits’of the British experience. </blockquote>

Basically, Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry (who appeared together in Wooster and Jeeves and are both in a fair number of movies and TV shows), do a comedy sketch show.<blockquote>Hugh: Good evening and welcome to “Realizing I’ve Given The Wrong Directions To…”. Tonight I shall be Realizing I’ve Given The Wrong Directions To Rabbi Michael Leibovitz. Sadly, Rabbi Leibovitz is unable to be with us tonight. Till next time, bye bye. </blockquote>

Well, here’s the link you’ve been so patiently reading for. A Bit Of Fry & Laurie - Season 1 Torrent Link . Find the other seasons at digitaldistractions .

Till next time, bye bye.