I’m always super pissed off with the Camino bookmarks browser because I can’t organize my bookmarks and view the pages at the same time. (Safari is no better.) In fact I was never happy about the transition from drawer to bookmarks panel but hey, what can you do. The drawer wasn’t popular.

Anyway, here’s a new idea which I think would make organizing my bookmarks a lot easier . I can never remember what all my bookmarks are for, and having a little preview would make it a lot easier to sort them out. So, with this floating around in my head somewhere I was pretty impressed with the “now playing” box in iTunes where you can see a live preview of video podcasts that you’ve downloaded.

So, here is a concept drawing of what Camino bookmarks browser would look like if it had a preview pane. Thoughts? Email me! sbwoodside@yahoo.com (my public/spammable email address).