Well now I’ve got an even better tag browser . In fact I think it’s the coolest tag browser ever. It’s better than the flickr tag browser and the technorati tag browser and amazingly, even then del.icio.us tag browser . And what is delicious for if not tag browsing. Well.

Anyway, I used a sort of crazy CSS-float-left thing to make the big and small boxes all go inline together. It would have made more sense to use inline-block but it’s not supported in Mozilla yet (weird).

Also, you will note that this new browser really brings out the awesomeness of my two-level tagging scheme because now for the first time you can see how the levels work. And I’m discovering that maybe I have some duplication oops, and I’m also completely inconsistent in how I capitalize. Hmm. I might edit my tags (I suppose that’s bad for google though, oh well).

Anyway, the big names in the filled-in boxes are the “categories” and the names in the small white boxes are the “tags”… some day I might allow to view just the tags but I’m not quite sure what that would mean.

Note to self: I should add some category browser on the left side there.