I came up with this image yesterday when I was thinking about Disney’s role in the fantasyland movie that ABC just broadcast (Disney owns ABC and apparently backed the film).

Disney Politics Logo Hack - colour

To be honest, I just like the colours. I always thought this was a cool logo. But anyways, no more Mr. Nice Guy or whatever. I had a look at the font on their original logo and it looks to me like Rockwell Light so I had a go in PhotoShop and changed “Pictures” to “Politics”. Now Disney can put this up on the front of all their political propaganda pieces.

It didn’t make much of a splash when I posted it in my diary so I figured it wasn’t that good, but I guess that there really isn’t any proper correlation between Recommendations and actual merit on DKos – at least in the “long tail” of non-superstar diarists. I think that has something to do with their horrible, horrible tagging browser.