Hi there.

Well, I’m back. I was running this site on really ancient technology – AxKit – so 2001. Now I’m running it on modern technology, i.e. Rails 2. And doesn’t it rock. Now I have a cool GUI editor to type into, I have easy programming in ruby, and I have of course polished both my design and my CSS/XHTML skillz considerably in the mean time, hopefully making this all easier to look at and navigate.

So I’m running on SimpleLog here, but it’s not “stock”. Oh no. Stock SimpleLog right doesn’t run on Rails 2, but this one does. Also, I made it even MORE simple than it used to be:

  • Support Rails 2.0 (no need to freeze an old rails)
  • no themes -- annoying to use anyway, and no one was publishing themes either
  • replaced the editor/preview panel with WYM on Rails, which is by FAR the best WYSIWYG / GUI editor I've ever found, and the end of a long search for me

…and so on.