Wow, WYM Editor is so cool that I can just like type in a new blog post whenever I want to. Wild!

So anyway, I’ve been saving up a whole load of links and stuff for months until I had this new site all sorted out. So here’s something.

Hmm… where did my “stuff to blog about” folder go?

Oh, here’s an awesome one. Nikkei Electronics Teardown Squad. These guys kick ass. Watch as they take apart a MacBook Air and declare “No Waste Outside, Nothing but Waste Inside”.

About 30 screws were used to attach the keyboard alone. "The total number of screws in the MacBook Air was several times the number used in a PC we make," one of the engineers said.

Burn, baby, burn!

OK, here’s another one from the files. Nathan Fawkes Art. He’s part of a network of film animators and illustrators and concept artists who all have their stuff up on blogspot.

And I’d like to remind myself particularly about this post about science fiction.