Convert FLAC files into 320 kbps MP3 files. Someone might find this useful. I call it It will take every .flac file in the current directory and convert it to MP3 using lame’s “insane” preset (which shows what the lame people think about mp3…)


# Deal with FLAC, CUE file to convert to high-quality MP3 with LAME

# Split a foo.cue / foo.flac combo (e.g. from EAC) into separate flac files
####cuebreakpoints *.cue | shnsplit -o flac *.flac

# convert flac to MP3
foreach f (*.flac)
flac -c -d "$f" | lame --preset insane - "${f}.mp3"

# Re-add the tags to the separate files *.cue *.mp3

You’ll need to have flac and lame installed. It also tries to restore tags using cue but that doesn’t seem to work. So sorry.

Why would I do this? Basically, because:

  • my MP3 player (N95) doesn't support FLAC
  • and doesn't have the room for it anyway
  • and iTunes doesn't support FLAC either (stupid apple...)

Some day when I have a player that does, I’ll probably switch to all FLAC, or apple lossless or whatever, but in the meantime 320 MP3s from lame are pretty good. I won’t say I can’t hear the difference because I haven’t tried REALLY HARD, but for the listening I’m doing I can’t hear the difference…