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Three Businessmen (1998)

…a surreal film called Three Businessmen. You may not know that you’re going to like this movie. You may not thank me for making you watch this movie. But ultimately, your mind will be expanded and you will have a bit, just a bit, more sympathy for the common business-person.

Basically, you’ve got two businessmen, pictured, thrown together in a sort of haphazard fashion, and they go trekking across the universe (sort of) in search of a bite to eat. On the way, they have many adventures, bond, and talk a lot of silly business speak. Etc.

(Eventually there is in fact a third.)

OK, there’s no plot, virtually, and no action, no violence, no sex, no nudity, no guns, no special effects, hardly any budget. But on the other hand. It’s by Alan Cox, who you just might remember from Repo Man (he’s also the actor on the right). And it rewards multiple viewings. And it’s a bit trippy. I liked it. Will you?

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