Vuze provides a built-in search function to make it easier to find bittorrent files that you want to download. And, it’s extensible, so you can add new search “templates” for torrent sites beyond the ones that they support by default.

There’s a Pirate Bay template floating around but it doesn’t work any more, so I made up my own. And here it is:

Download The Pirate Bay (TPB) search template for Vuze.

To install this sucker, you can just double click the file. If that doesn’t work, try this:

  1. Download it (duh)
  2. Do a search in Vuze
  3. On the right, it says "Show results from..." "All" and then some options, and then "Add/Edit". Click Add/Edit.
  4. Below the list, click "Import a new template"
  5. Browse to tpb.vuze and open it.

UPDATE: some people are having trouble. Please post your Vuze version # and operating system if it works, or doesn’t.. maybe there’s a pattern.

UPDATE #2: It seems that if you are running in a language other than English, this might not work. If you can confirm that I would appreciate it. Thanks.

UPDATE #3 2009-12-10: The Pirate Bay changed their format a bit, so I updated the template. Click the download link to get the new one.