It was a mac shareware company that made some great games: Scramble in particular, was a lot like the current Word Challenge game on Facebook, and then there was Spin Crisis, and a CHM reader called Chimp… and now they are gone without a trace. Their old domain takes you to some band.

All I know that isn’t available on google is that when I emailed them, the response was from Shawn Henry. Shawn, if you’re out there – what happened?

Update: Here’s Sphera Software’s home page on the Wayback Machine. It identifies the following people as having been part of Sphera: Shawn Henry (head programmer, student in Ottawa), Neale McDavitt (graphic designer, Montreal), Michael Keogh (musician, Ottawa), Anca Szilagyi (wordsmith, Brooklyn). It looks like several of them were students, and maybe the company broke up when they graduated.

Unfortunately they didn’t leave forwarding addresses. But I’m sure you can find some of them if you google.