When I was just a young tyke, getting beat up by my peers every day, I retreated to the little school library to immerse myself in visions of the future. Little did I know that some day the mythical year “2001” would come and pass in a blaze of … nothing spectacular. Well anyway, I think it’s fun to look back at those visions of the future and look in awe at the coolness of how we should now be living.

My absolute favorite of all time series was called “World of Tommorow” by Neil Ardley, who also collaborated on the famous “How Things Work” with another of my favorites, David Macaulay (see him talk at TED!).

I love how Ardley saw us with huge gigantic wall-sized computers completely taking over our houses:

Or maybe you’d prefer to see what the tank of the future will look like (n.b., it’s robotic!)

Playing holographic games could also be fun…

And there’s more – two whole books are online: World of Tomorrow - Health and Medicine, and World of Tomorrow - School, Work and Play. I want my wall-screen TV.