So I just made some major updates to the software running this site, which for now I’m calling “Simplelog-X”. And the source code for simplelog-x is now on github.

This will probably interest people who are running the original SimpleLog by Garrett Murray which he no longer supports (and incidentally it doesn’t run on Rails 2.x). Simplelog-X also has quite a few other changes aside from working on (presently) Rails 2.2.2, all of the details are in the README.

I’m not going to annouce this loudly just yet because I still have a whole ton of my own site files in the public directory, and I need to move them to public/system I guess and get them out of the repo but still capistrano-friendly.

I was just making a lot of changes and it struck me how much more I know about Rails now than when I started this journey…