So there I was, watching the Incredible Hulk titles again in slow-motion, because I’m always curious as to what the special effects people write into the various fake news stories and computer graphics. Sometimes it’s funny. And I came across this little easter egg which seems to have been missed by fans on the net.

Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. Command are never mentioned in the film. He’s part of the comic team Fantastic Four I think (I never really read a lot of comics as a kid, sorry…) which I guess will be having a film some day. Anyway, here’s what it says:

Nick Fury
Shield Command
Code RED
New York, NY 060584

Details: Classified. Subject is THREAT LEVEL RED, surveillance only.
The Bruce Banner manhunt is still not over. This shadowy figure re-
nowned as a doctor and professor at the Culver University Science De-
partment has once again slipped through the authorites hands and is
still on the run.

That’s verbatim by the way. Apparently the letter was never on screen long enough (just a few frames) to warrant a thorough spell check.

How come Marvel puts their logo on their movies, but DC Comics doesn’t?