List of programming languages that I know* that appear on the Official Wikipedia List of Programming Languages**.

  • * Or once knew... but I could pick it up again, I swear. It's like riding a bicycle. I don't include languages that I tried to learn but failed... like Scheme and Prolog.
  • ** Commonly recognized as the standard in Lists of Things. Let it be known that I only include those languages that are turing complete, so CSS and HTML don't count.

Begin listing:

  1. AppleScript
  2. BASIC (Apple ][+)
  3. Bourne Shell
  4. C
  5. C++
  6. DLX Assembler (not listed, but it's a language...)
  7. HyperTalk (my first, favourite language!)
  8. Java
  9. JavaScript
  10. Lingo
  11. MATLAB
  12. Modula-3 (and don't I wish I didn't?)
  13. Objective-C
  14. Pascal
  15. Perl (and don't I wish I didn't?)
  16. PHP
  17. Python (and don't I wish I didn't? :-)
  18. Ruby (my third, favourite language!)
  19. ë_C++ (is it really a separate language? Well, it requires a separate compiler...)
  20. Visual Basic (sufficiently different from basic BASIC)
  21. XSLT (yes it's turing complete) (my second, favourite language)

So. Thoughts. FIrst, I can say that I know more than 20 languages. Second, my # of languages isn’t going up as slowly these days, but the depth is. Third, my big hole is functional languages. Only XSLT is really functional-ish (people get mad when I say that).

I’d like to learn oCaml.

All of this work courtesy of procrastion and needing to quote a number of languages on my updated Custom Software Development page.