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Now this is quaint. No, it's not a blogroll. No, there's no RDF, no FOAF, no friendster, or whatever. Just your old-fashioned circa-1996 "links" page. So I can give some link love to my friends and admirees.

Some of my friends have web pages

  • Paul Schreiber - This used to be a really hot web page, but now that he works at a certain fruit company, he no longer makes cool web stuff.
  • Ming-Yee Iu - Used to work (well "work") at a certain search engine company but now he's decided to go back to "academia".
  • Steve Forrest - Note the change of address. Works for a kind of tree. There might be some photos on the site, there might not. There might also be something in old english.


  • Selma Hayek. Enough said. If you are male, go have a look. (OK, FYI: her name is actually SALMA HAYEK - 3 "a"s and just one "e". This service brought to you without charge).

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