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Alexandra XML

XML data round-tripping with RNG and HTML forms

Alexandra is an RNG (Relax NG) forms solution that does roundtripping of forms data from an instance document to forms and then back again. Alexandra uses HTML forms to present a browser-neutral interface on the web.

Source Code

The latest source code for Alexandra is available in a gzipped tarball. Licensed under the GPL.
alexandra-0.01.tar.gz (2003/05/19)

Frequently Asked Questions

View the set of frequently asked questions about Alexandra.

Interactive Demo

Here's an interactive demonstration of the software running on the included schema/schema-example/resume-xml.rng.xml grammar. (Anyone can modify the content of the demo instance file. Your IP address is logged.)

View the current inst.xml raw XML file.

View the styled version of the current instance document as HTML.

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