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A Con, A Cave, A Troll

If you're anything like the typical GM you have at one point or another asked yourself the following question: What do you do if the players don't do what you wanted them to do? ... introduce them to A Con, A Cave, A Troll .

How to run a fit campaign

That's "fit" as in size to fit, not how fit are you. The article describes how you can run a campaign where you prepare ahead, use everything you prepare, but still allow the players complete freedom of choice! It's all possible with a Fit campaign .

Do it yourself Flying

Here I talk about how I think flying would affect a magical medieval campaign. This article includes a Do It Yourself section for calculations to find out how high your character can go, how far they can see, and how much landmass they can overlook. The article comes with a free, downloadable DIYFlying excel calculator spreadsheet. Do your own DIY Flying .

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