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D&D Edion Campaign

The house campaign is called Edion. It's named after the central continent where most of the action occurs. I have a rather large collection of house rules and rules modifications, including new character classes and so on.

Edion Sourcebook

The Edion Sourcebook is my sourcebook for the Edion campaign. It contains all the special information you need to play in Edion, such as:

  • descriptions of the people, places, and things native to Edion
  • description of the magical system, money, dates and times
  • new spell lists, spells and monsters
  • new character classes and races

It's all online, broken up into individual chapters or available as one big page (about 40 pages if you print it).

The Arcosian Perinee

The Arcosian Perinee is a popular newspaper from Arcos (Elara). They call themselves "Arcos' Town Criers since 1388" ... the newspaper has been published for more than three thousand years.

Edion Quick Intro

This is my Dungeons & Dragons 3E campaign. It's set in a world called Edion, where true goodness exists on the continent of Edion, as well as "normal" peoples in other lands. This campaign is unusual with respect to the typical D&D campaign in the following ways: no real gods; only elves or those with elven ancestry can use magic; magic is internally consistent; no wizards, only sorcerers; sorcerers use "spell gems" instead of spell books.

The sun is setting on Arcos. A flock of starlings flits across the sky, as the orange rays of the sun cast a long shadow from the Tree of Life across the golden quarter of the city into the deep forest beyond. Glints of sunlight reflect lazily off the pinnacles and spinarets of the city. Out across the bay, sailboats gently glide through the harbour in the gentle dusk breeze. In the quiet of the air, the vague sound of merry making wafts up from below as the business of the day wraps itself to a close and evening begins.

Edion is both a continent and a fantasy campaign world. With the city of Arcos as its hub, the Elaran nation of elves spreads its influence across a vast array of nations and islands, neighbours and allies, and distant empires. The land of elves is a land of plenty, a land of prosperity and a tropical paradise for its inhabitants. For others, it is a source of magic, of civilization and learning, of strength for the entire region.

Elara is just one part of Edion. The nation of adventurous humans lies to the West, and enterprising dwarves live in the central mountain ranges. A vast archipelago of small island spreads southwards from the main continent, giving rise to an entire seafaring region. The whole of the Alimides, as this area of the world is known, is peaceful and prosperous, and has been for as long as history records ... many thousands of years.

Yet there are some clouds on the horizon. A distant, expansionist empire threatens to the East. Unknown monsters have been found lurking in the remote mountains of Edion. And archeologists are uncovering the remnants of an ancient civilization in islands far to the south.

Still, times are good. Opportunities are ripe in the jungles and lush tropical forests of the Alimides, and adventure awaits those who seek it out...

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