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D&D Edion Sourcebook

Edion Sourcebook

The whole thing in one go (big).

Entries of note

Some areas of interest in the sourcebook: the Knight Adventurer character class; Roarians, a new race.


Introduction A brief introduction to the sourcebook. If you've seen the "Forgotten Realms" sourcebook you should recognize the overall structure of this sourcebook, since it's the same ;-)

Chapter 1: Characters Changes and modifications to the normal character races and classes, and two new ones: the new Knight Adventurer class, and the new Roarian race, basically an upright cat-like people. See Races, Classes, Skills, and Feats.

Chapter 2: Magic Changes to the standard DnD magic system. Magic in Edion operates on the principle of spell gems that combine the strengths of wizards and sorcerers. See Casting, Arcane Magic, Limitations, and Spells.

Chapter 3: Life in Edion Your basics like what kinds of plants and animals live in the campaign world. How do the people measure time? How do you buy magic items? That kind of thing. See Time & Seasons, Lore of the Land, Coin & Commerce, and Magic in Society.

Chapter 4: Geography Descriptions of places to go in the Edion world.

Chapter 5: Deities Synopsis: there aren't any. This is a short chapter.

Chapter 6: History An overview of Edion's history for the past ten thousand years.

Chapter 7: Organizations Some of the groups, nefarious or otherwise, that operate in Edion.

Chapter 8: Running Edion So far, I'm the only one who runs Edion. So in this section I have put miscellaneous house rules and GM expectations.

Appendix I: Monsters Stats for some unique monsters for Edion. Currently it's limited to the "tree hoppers", horse like mounts that can carry a rider or cargo through the treetops of the forests of Elara.

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