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Information and Communications Technology

These are articles that I've written about ICTs.

Feature articles

These articles have been featured in other venues beside my own site.

Wi-Fi for rural communities: from open, to internet, in three acts - The technology known as Wi-Fi is open-everything. It's open standards, open spectrum, open source software, open hardware. Anyone can build a Wi-Fi device — and they do — and the plethora of options means very low cost to buy and deploy a high-speed wireless internet network.
As seen on techsoup and Development Gateway's Improving Internet Access in Developing Countries special issue .

Challenges in international ICT development - IT (for the West) and ICT (for the developing world) are not only different acronyms (IT stands for information technology, ICT add communications to the mix) but very different challenges. In the west, communications technology are taken for granted due to their pervasiveness. In the developing world this is not the case. In many places, information technology such as computers and internet are being implemented alongside communications technologies. Thus, they are grouped together into one major concern, ICT development.
As seen in The Communication Initiative.

More articles

Connectivity is not the right word - I wrote this post in order to counter a bias that I felt existed in favour of "parachute drop" solutions to internet development as opposed to the kind of highly-connected internets that we have in developed countries.

Internet Exchanges - All about the structure of the internet, the role of nodes, and how an Internet Exchange (IXP) can fulfill that role.

Local Internet - It's about nodes, interconnection, and the untold history of the internet. Bet you never thought internets could be local before.

Whimsical articles

Rethink - An Open Spectrum License - I offer a new tool to promote open spectrum. Each open spectrum license would be bound by these principles: 1. Free use of the medium; 2. Accept interference from others; 3. Minimize interference to existing users; 4. No Discrimination against fields of endeavour.

Open Everything Open Everything is the extension of the model that works so successfully for Open Source Software. I examine open models that are present throughout the technology cycle, from hardware, software, to standards and even written documents. Why is openness in technology so pervasive? Because it's highly effective for those who practise it. This article covers as much of the field as possible, concluding with a checklist of steps that may help your project help itself, and others, by applying the principles of open, collaborative, and distributed development.

The parable of the net - The nets people use to catch fish are a lot like the nets people use to catch information. A net is a big thing made of lines with lots of holes in it.

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