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Mozilla Camino development

Camino is a Mozilla-based browser for OS X. A project I am involved in. Less now then before. I did some project management, but mainly, I wrote substantial portions of the current bookmark system (and I got credit in the source code too :-).

View camino patches needing review.

I run - where the mailing list is hosted. I administer the mailing list too.

I set up the one-time Longship project which basically fulfilled it's mission to give Camino development a little more community focus.

A while ago I created these mockup images for a project to come up with a new unified tabs/bookmarks interface. I think the whole idea went south when I let others convince me that sessions and bookmarks shouldn't be in the same list. Oh well.

And do I still use Camino instead of, say, Safari or Firefox? Yes, I do.

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