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A fractal tree screen saver.
Open source software for Mac OS X.

FTXSaver is a screen saver for Mac OS X. It has a sort of kaleidoscopic effect that it gets by drawing animated fractal trees across the screen in real time, 30 fps or more.

Current release

The current release is 1.0 alpha 4. Download 1.0a4 (DMG 248KB)

Now with anti-aliased OpenGL. I also added an option in this release to accelerate the changing of the colours.

Previous releases

Download 1.0a3 (DMG 216KB)

Download 1.0a2 (DMG 606KB)

Download 1.0a1 (DMG 304KB)


FTX is provided under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Full source code is included.

You can contact the author of FTX, Simon Woodside, at this address:

Copyright © 1996-2007 Simon Woodside. If no license is noted, rights are reserved.

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