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Unpack Nokia's Symbian Series 60 SDK on Linux/Mac OS X

Herewith, a UNIX script that will unpack Nokia's 2.1 SDK for Symbian C++ Series 60 applications. Use this in conjunction with sdk2unix or something like it, in order to develop s60 apps on Linux or OS X.

Read this

This is for Nokia's 2.1 SDK

If you want to unpack an earlier SDK like 1.2, you should use Chris Davies' Unpacking the Nokia Series 60 SDK on Linux which was written way back (like 5 months ago) when you didn't actually need the newer SDK for any practical purpose. (Now you do.)

OS X - use Fink

If you're on OS X, to start off with, you should have Fink installed. It's a really useful set of Unix packages for OS X.

Get cabextract

Use your favorite package management system (like fink, dpkg, rpms) to install the cabextract program which is needed for unpack21 to work.

If for some insane reason you don't have a package available you can build from source, available at the cabextract home page.

Get Nokia's 2.1 SDK

I can't give you a precise URL because Nokia keeps changing it. They have apparently never heard of Cool URLs don't change. You have to surf to it yourself. Go to Forum Nokia. Navigate to Tools and SDKs, Symbian/C++ ; Series 60 SDKs for Symbian OS, Nokia Edition. Download v2.1, Borland & Microsoft, 115 MB. After download the archive should be called

Download unpack21

unpack21 is what I wrote to extract the above into a usable SDK installation on Unix.


If it works it should be very easy to use. Set up the following directory structure. Create a working directory called sdk21 or whatever.

mkdir sdk21
cd sdk21
mv .../ .
mv .../unpack21.tgz .
tar -xvzf unpack21.tgz

Now you have the unpacked 2.1 SDK in the target/Series60_v21 directory. You can delete everything else and move Series60_v21 to wherever you like. The whole SDK is contained within that directory.

Help and feedback

If something goes wrong, feel free to either email me or contact one of the resources listed at the bottom of this other page.

Copyright © 1996-2007 Simon Woodside. If no license is noted, rights are reserved.

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