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How-to Video chat with me

Since I'm not keen on travelling, I recommend that we video chat. This will simply guide you through setting it up on your end.

Install your kit

Video chatting is pretty simple to set up on Windows XP or Mac OS X.

Get a camera

You might think it's going to be expensive but it's not. All you need is, one of the following.

  • PC or Mac, any USB webcam is good, there are hundreds of choices, about $20-$50.
  • PC or Mac, if you already have a digital/DV camcorder, you can use that.
  • If you're on a Mac, I recommend iSight about $150.

Don't fear the investment, it will be well worth it. (Consider a bus/plane ticket by comparison...)

Get a microphone

You may already have one.

  • On a PC, most systems designed with gaming in mind come with a microphone. Or, there may be a mic included with or built into the camera.
  • On a Mac, there is usually a built-in microphone. iSight also includes a mic built into the camera housing.

Operating System: Windows XP or Mac OS X

We're talking OS X or Windows XP here.

Get the chat software (it's free)

Optional software

Under certain circumstances, you may need this software.

  • Windows XP with digital DV cam only: BuddyLive is needed ($20, free trial).
  • Mac OS X with USB webcam only: iChatUSBCam is needed ($10, free trial).

Install the software

If you haven't already got iChat AV or AIM Video IM installed, install it now.

Log in

If you haven't got a screen name, you should create one now. Then add me ( to your buddies list.

Instant Message me

So that we both know we're ready.

Hit the video chat button

That's it.

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