• Never winter

    A friend of mine bought me NeverWinter Nights for the Mac as it was released about two weeks ago. Well, obviously I’ve been playing the game ever since then, I finished it yesterday as a matter of fact. I played Barbarian. Spoilers ahead. I was very happy to be playing a berserker since it’s my favorite style of play anyway. I like to just charge into combat and hack away. My solution to traps was just to walk through them, I had a huge number of hitpoints and so on. My henchperson throughout the whole game was Sharwyn, the bard.

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  • SoBig.F

    Not only does this virus generate annoying quantities of spam from a single source, but it also causes stupid virus scanners to generate annoying replies to the wrong people. Something along the line of “your email was rejected because it contained a virus”. Don’t they realize that the sender address was forged? Grr.

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  • Mobile phones vs. GDP

    The Cellular Operators Association of India claims that for every one percent increase in telephone penetration there is a three percent increase in GDP.
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  • VSAT alphabet soup

    I’ve been trying to grok the VSAT alphabet soup lately. This post on isp-satellites seems like a pretty decent summary of the different two-way VSAT flavours. Basically it sounds like SCPC and DAMA are connection-oriented protocols with call set up and dedicated bandwidth during the lifetime of the connection. Of course I’m translating into internet terminology here ;-) On the other hand, MF-TDMA, which other people call FTMDA and which is used by DVB-RCS, is more like a packet-oriented connectionless protocol. The mapping onto the cell phone networks makes sense.

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  • Camino

    I’m involved in the Camino project for Mozilla. It’s a pretty face for the Gecko engine basically. Recently the whole Mozilla project was transferred to a new foundation. Mike Pinkerton was moved to a different job at AOL but he’s got the nightly builds going again and I’ve been testing out David Haas’ rewrite of the bookmarks manager. Looks good so far. It includes some novel features that I think might be cool, like a top-ten list, and Address Book integration. Could you manage all your bookmarks in the Address Book?

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  • Windows is stupid

    So I kinda sorta have a computer that’s finally capable of running WinCrap32 on my powerbook, and what do you know I need to install service packs. Galore. It’s so precise that it tells me exactly how many and how big they will be:<blockquote>Total: 19 = 10.600000000000001 MB </blockquote>

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  • I need a bio, how's this

    Simon Woodside hacks on computers for a living. All of the computers he hacks on are his own. He has done time as a program manager for an operating system that recently won Best Product from the 2002 Technology of the Year awards from InfoWorld. Prior to that he suffered through an education. He currently pursues interests as they come to him, while trying to patch together a workable lifestyle.

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  • Basic transit and IXP peering

    Basic transit and IXP peering . Just the facts, ma’am.

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  • Peering vs. Transit

    What is the different between internet peering and internet transit? Peering is when you connect with another ISP for the SOLE purpose of exchanging traffic that is going DIRECTLY to that other ISP. On the other hand, Transit is a connection that will carry traffic anywhere on the internet. So, how do you choose which one, or what mix and match of the two to use? Try this 127 page thesis .

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  • Still Life movie

    There’s an original (very) short film now available from this site. It’s called Still Life and you can view it right here (2.6 MB, 48s). It’s encoded in MPEG-4, ISMA compatible format with a low data rate but I think the compression looks pretty good. I think you should be able to watch it on any system that has QuickTime 6 installed, Mac, or Windows. Not sure about Linux. If you are unable to view it PLEASE contact me. Enjoy.

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