• Latent Semantic Analysis

    It’s the technique used in Mac OS X’s Mail program to catch spam, it’s patented :-( and it’s described in an awesome paper An Introduction to Latent Semantic Analysis (PDF) by Landauer, Foltz and Laham. Wow, check this out:<blockquote>

  • My magic box

    I just read Soekris Router Project . Soekris in case you haven’t probably heard of it is a little company that makes these fantastic little PC-compatible chipsets that are totally solid-state, no moving parts, DC power, just the basics, a couple of ethernet ports, a PC card slot or two, a CompactFlash slot for the media, and a nifty-looking box.

  • Reboot videos

    Reboot is a tiny little conference held in Denmark somewhere, but they got all kinds of cool speakers this year and made videos of them all. Based on the cartoon summary I I wanted to watch the video of Tim O’Reilly s talk. It was good .. I recommend it. He talked about open source, and the move from software- oriented world to a data-oriented world. (via multiplicity )

  • Not long ago

    In a galaxy close, close by, my hit counter moved into five digits. Woo hoo!

  • i18n L10N etc.

    Find out how KDE is doing at translating their system and documentation into 40 different languages, look at the pretty picture .

  • A while ago but...

    The COOK report interviewed David Hughes about Wi-Fi .<blockquote>

  • post

    I just released the 0.01 (pre-alpha) version of Alexandra , a roundtripping forms system that uses RNG (Relax NG), XSLT pipelining (using AxKit of course…;-) and presents in HTML forms. There’s an interactive demo to play with as well.

  • post

    Just for the first time, I saw a posting on slashdot signed with a female name. (It was Allison.) This is the first time I can ever remember seeing that.

  • Notice anything different?

    Yeah, I changed the font from verdana to just sans-serif. That means you, that’s right — you! — are now responsible for choosing a good default sans-serif font for your system. If you’re on Mac OS X, may I recommend Gills Sans for sans-serif and Hoefler Text for serif? They look very nice.

  • RSS moved and some other deltas

    I just moved the weblog stuff into /weblog, and so the RSS Feed also moved. I also lost an entry I think. Oh well. Also more stuff validates now. Though not the weblog id’s I’m using. That’s too bad. But I don’t want to change them, because I think they are nice.