• Who Will Get What? -- a US healthcare infographic

    Who Will Get What? This is an information graphic based on Health Insurance Reform in Three Steps by

  • Google: what is zero?

    Apparently it’s 1.15463195 * 10^-14.

  • Saying goodbye to Guido Sohne

    Some people’s deaths hit me harder than others. When Douglas Adams died in 2001 I was devastated. I also took it pretty bad when Guido Sohne died last year. I’m glad that he’s now been rewarded with a post-humous award – in his name – and triggered a belated reaction to the original news.

  • Where have all the great actresses gone?

    Movies are great for many reasons, but having a superstar actor/actress can make even a half-ass movie bearable or even good. There’s lots of great actors who can pull it off these days. To give a few random examples. Benicio Del Toro. Bruce Willis. Brad Pitt. Clooney. Clint Eastwood, after all these years. … much as I hate to admit it, Leonardo DiCaprio.

  • Praise for uHear

    I still think that the uHear application I made for Unitron is pretty cool. So do some other people.

  • Closures with return values in Java

    Here’s how to get everything you need from closures today in Java, without waiting for the big foreheads to argue over how to make it nice and perfect.

  • Something I found written on a piece of paper

    I’m not sure if it means anything:

  • Singin' in the Rain's crazy dream ballet sequence

    I just watched the movie Singin’ in the Rain… and by far the best part was this sequence where Gene Kelly dances a ballet with Cyd Charisse. Wow!

  • An awesome little flash game

    You’ve got to try this.

  • The Entire Cast of Futurama — someone should make a poster

    Here is as close as we’ve ever got to a poster of the entire cast of Futurama… from their most recent direct-to-DVD movie Into the Wild Green Yonder. It’s notable for two things in my mind: first, it doesn’t include most of the principles (they would be easy to add) and second, wow, Futurama just doesn’t have as many characters as Simpsons. Simpsons has a LOT of characters. What do they say, 50 active on-going basis? That’s a lot.

    And now my fellow Earthicans … More Futurama is Coming

    Comedy Central was happy with the specials and with the 72 produced episodes of "Futurama" it acquired from 20th Century Fox TV in 2006. "Yet there is nothing like new, self-contained episodes week to week," said David Bernath, Comedy Central's senior vp programming. "This is all about reinvigorating the franchise, giving it a new burst of energy."

    In other words, futurama pays.

    OK, this is stupid but I came up with this joke for Zap Brannigan.


    ZAP: Ahh, do you remember me? I'm Zap Brannigan.
    Captain Zap Brannigan. I put myself in your charge.

    SOMEONE: How generous of you.

    ZAP: By which I mean I put myself in Charge. Of You.

    Lame joke? Maybe. But I don’t see YOU making up jokes and blogging them for everyone to see.