• Intelligent humour

    Intelligent online cartoons:

  • How to really URL encode an NSString in Objective-C, iPhone, etc.

    Trying to encode URL parameters on Mac or iPhone? Frustrated because NSString stringByAddingPercentEscapesUsingEncoding encodes non-URL characters but leaves the reserved characters (like slash / and ampersand &) alone? “Apparently” this is a “bug” apple is aware of, but they haven’t done anything about it yet, and so, here is a solution that actually works.

  • trusted user status on Daily Kos

    Well, apparently I’ve achieved the vaunted and much-desired “trusted user” status on DKos. That means I can rate people down, as opposed to just up. I’m probably not going to do it much, just like I rarely troll rated people when I had privs on SlashDot (back when /. was interesting…)

  • The better way to code error-handling routines

    There’s an excellent guide to Rails 2 that I’m reading through right now, but I don’t like this bit:

  • Simplelog-X... is coming...

    So I just made some major updates to the software running this site, which for now I’m calling “Simplelog-X”. And the source code for simplelog-x is now on github.

  • Dubai, I'm shocked!

    So Dubai isn’t a wonderland and actually is a vast petrol- and credit-funded nightmare that is on a knife’s edge of sinking into the sands, forever gone? I’m shocked! Who could have thought it.

  • New server for


  • Welcome to the World of Tomorrow!

    When I was just a young tyke, getting beat up by my peers every day, I retreated to the little school library to immerse myself in visions of the future. Little did I know that some day the mythical year “2001” would come and pass in a blaze of … nothing spectacular. Well anyway, I think it’s fun to look back at those visions of the future and look in awe at the coolness of how we should now be living.

  • Under the lid of a power line conditioner, the APC H15

    I just acquired an “APC AV H15 Home Theater 1500VA Power Filter and Power Conditioner”, which is usually just called the APC H15. It’s a pretty popular device basically to smooth out the AC power for home theatre type systems, and also protect your equipment from any kind of bad power juju. Some people buy these kinds of things to make their speakers sound better, but my system probably isn’t good enough to notice at this point. My concern was that my apartment has bad power, and I’ve been having random computer shutdowns, blown lightbulbs, and even weird lines in my new LCD TV. Fortunately I got this silver H15 less than half price because they’re moving from silver case to black case.

  • The Shape of Things That Hum

    The Shape of Things That Hum is a series of 11-minute short documentaries about different electronic instruments. It goes through a bunch of classics, most I recognize the sound easily but never knew the name or the story. Here’s the proper order: